Simone Perele rescued my bust

Fashion is something of a passion of mine but what can sometimes be a bit of a pain is my boobs! I am a size 10 with a 30G bust so shopping can be annoying and unpredictable. When it comes to buying bras, I tent to go to Bravisimo but only buy a couple of times a year as it is so expensive for girls with big busts.
Then Simone Perele came to save me! After attending Brightlight PR press event and I got talking to the team and ladies from Simone Perele about how annoying Bras can be for me and how costly it can be. After a few weeks, I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous Ivory Nina lace bra from Brightlight PR and it fits me perfectly.
The Straps are at the right thickness to give great support for my back and the cups are also very comfortable too.
Simone Perele have some amazing bras on their site from the pracitcal to the sexy and the brand are great for women of many sizes. I especially liked the coloured lace options, get for summer and laying.


2 responses to “Simone Perele rescued my bust”

  1. Dora says:

    I love the lace detail on it 🙂

  2. emmskibeatz says:

    Oooohhh! Thanks for the post. I’m 30FF & just like you, find it a nightmare to find good bra’s. Bravissimo have great service but are extremely expensive so will definitely be heading over to this wonderful new found company. You’re a star!

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