Snoopy fashionable hits SS15In the wonderful world of Fashion, there are always interesting cartoon collaborations with Fashion brands and with Disney and Warner Brothers taking their turns, Snoopy wants in on the action too. With collections with Havaianas, Rodnik Band and New Era, these new pieces are fun, fun, fun, and I want, want, want!

1) Snoopy face bag at Rodnik Band; 2) Maxi Dress at Rodnik Band; 3) Sleeveless Tee at Rodnik Band; 4) Earrings at Etsy; 5) Top and bottom set at ASOS; 6) Grey Sweater at Dandy Fellow; 7) Cheese snapback at Rodnik Band; 8) Fries bucket hat at Rodnik Band; 9) Chips backpack at Rodnik Band; 10) Fitflops at Havaianas


  • 3 April 2015

    OMG! I love and need all of these things! lol. I just love snoopy!!! <3 I would wear number 5. lol.

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