Born and raised in Croatian, Vjera moved to the East of London to move her career as a designer into the London Market. With a Passion for the classic embroidery, the designer wants to reinvent this style for a more modern look.

 Jin Joo Ma, an inspirational designer that returns to ‘A la Mode’, is a favorite among stylists and Photographers alike. The Korea-based designer has a different approach to other designers with Glitter pieces that are feminine for a ‘Power dressing’ that is key for Jin Joo Ma.
Birthday Suits

Designer Louise Walleneit brings her controversal label to London Fashion week. With inspiration and a collection that takes Art and Fashion and merges them together, the new collection will cause a stir among many Fashionista’s.

Designer of Bevza Svetlana Bevza, will be featuring in ‘a la mode’ for February’s London Fashion week. With a label that is modern, has sleek silhouettes and focuses on minimalism that is effortless and chic, will be exciting to see what this new designer does for A/W 2011.

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