Sound advice on saving from FSCS & Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton saving money

I will be honest, saving money has always been something I was never very good at. When I lived at home I used to take money for guaranteed(well I was 19) and once I moved to London at 21, there wasn’t much room for saving as I would go on random trips to Europe with friends and was paying stupid amounts of rent every month.  Now I rent with my husband and run my own business and freelance, it has been easier to save as we pay less rent than I did in London and with the house prices where we live being a little more affordable than the capital, we are on the road to buying our first house together and securing our future if we decide to have a family. I wish I looked after the pennies when I had the chance too but now with companies liked FSCS, it is easier to seek advice and help when it comes to your money and it’s future.

FSCS are great at guiding their customers with tips on saving and they have also asked Fearne Cotton to share her past saving experiences to help anyone that needs some help with theirs.

Check out the videos below for any advice or ideas on making your money stretch and also see FSCS website for more valuable info too.

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