Spanish Gypsy

B6991377-8B8E-4F93-BA84-6A765937EC4C-1.jpg Photo 07-09-2014, 17 45 48 EC8A945A-2C7E-44D5-B40B-28543F3A1E3F-0.jpg D09F1E8B-D71A-48E8-B1D4-EF7A0C7F6416-0.jpg E029EDA2-0244-4F51-A47D-D9D586CEED01-0.jpg B6F8BB1E-D776-4DE1-99F2-402A756CB238-0.jpgD617045C-300E-4CC8-A642-95BFE2F005FA-0.jpg BB89DD1A-ABB8-432A-A985-0EC9CA39A923-0.jpg 81146397-6444-46F2-9DAA-D2D052093BE5-0.jpgPhoto 08-09-2015 09 16 04 Photo 07-09-2014, 17 50 00 Photo 07-09-2014, 17 50 01 E0DCFC91-2C81-4246-B54D-43F68673D7E6.jpg F32AE966-1B19-438A-843F-FF1FAC846431.jpg Photo 07-09-2014, 17 53 05 Photo 07-09-2014, 17 57 01 Photo 07-09-2014, 18 03 15 Photo 07-09-2014, 18 03 14My holiday to Spain recently was the perfect opportunity to pull on some last minute summer wear out and boy did I take advantage of this hot weather and sunshine on our trip.

As our villa was up in the hilltains (bigger than a hill but too small to be classed as a mountain), I wanted to shoot this outfit in front of the beautiful view and honestly I think I’m possibly spoiling it as it was breathtaking to wake up to every morning.

As it’s been a while since I wore Free People so I thought I would show off this boho style drape blouse that I have been dying to show you. I adore it’s pillowy sleeves and the cheese cloth material is heaven to wear in warm temperatures. It looks great tucked into shorts or even over a pair of frayed jeans. I styled it with this gorgeous denim skirt from New Look which I recently got in their sale (by the off chance) and it’s a great combo to wear even now with our Autumn transitional weather.

I wasn’t too fussed about Zara’s SS15 collection when I first saw it but I couldn’t believe how amazing their AW pieces are when I popped into one of their stores before Fashion week. Rock chick meets bohemian goth is the best way to describe their latest trends and as both of these looks are totally me, I’m massively hooked to all their new goodies! Among their collection I spotted these lace up shoes for about £30. With a suede style and thick cord, these shoes are really lush especially with skirts, shorts and cropped trousers but I do need to wear them in some more as the cord lace ups take some getting used to. They were really unusual so I had to have them immediately!

So do you like this look? I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out especially as I never tried any of it on together before!!

Blouse – Free People

Skirt – New Look

Shoes – Zara


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  1. Amy says:

    It’s great when an outfit vision comes together so prefectly, it looks devinely bohemian and suits you! I can see you getting lots of wear out of those super cute shoes!!

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