Styling Medwinds’ Calador Sandals for S/S 2011

We all know that the weather in the UK is some what, ‘unpredictable’. You think it’s warm as the sun is shinning but as soon as it ducks behind some clouds, it’s Jumper time again.
As I am itching to get into my Summer gear but are fearing the cold nip, I have styled my Medwinds Calador Sandals in a way that is both Summer and Chilly proof.
Have a look for ideas on how to style your sandals for today and tomorrow.
Medwinds signature on the sandals

 Tabio Socks and tights, for a more girlie approach…

Silver/Grey knee-length socks for a more grown up look

 Toe-less socks for the warmer weather

For a more fun look, patterned socks and legwarmers really give these sandals a fun-ner side


2 responses to “Styling Medwinds’ Calador Sandals for S/S 2011”

  1. those are indeed adorable! and the legwarmers cute! xoxo

    Giveaway over my place:

  2. Phiroza Marker says:

    Great styling Lois!

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