Styling with Echo Falls x Holly Fulton

Echo falls x Holly Fulton 2014Echo falls x Holly Fulton 2014Echo falls x Holly Fulton 2014

Holly Fulton is a massive favourite of mine so it was great to work with Echo Falls and their latest collaboration with the designer. Holly Fulton has designed 3 kooky coloured prints for Echo Falls’ Rosé, Red and White wine bottles and I was asked to style an outfit with one of them in mind.

I am a really colourful dresser so styling with these bottles was great fun! In the end I opted for the Rosé pink and black designed bottle as I love the pink and white injections on Holly’s design.

As these Echo Falls products are all made in California, I thought a relaxed LA inspiration to my outfit would be awesome and is totally my style too.

First up, I looked through one of my wardrobes for the perfect baby pink item. I do wear A LOT of pink but I thought this white and pink tie-dye dress from Lazy Oaf was perfect to start my outfit off. I love how both the white and pink are meshed together and both these colours are reflected in the Rosé bottle design.

Echo falls x Holly Fulton 2014

To finish off this look I thought this Superdry beaten up leather jacket was great. It’s relaxed, biker chic look is bang on LA style and it matches the bottles’ black outline perfectly.

Overall, it was fun(as my dress says) to pull together this outfit. It was nice to work from something so inspirational as Holly’s designs and I think this new collaboration really gives something fresh and new to Echo Falls!

Just hope Holly likes my look too!

Echo falls x Holly Fulton 2014 Echo falls x Holly Fulton 2014 Echo falls x Holly Fulton 2014Images by Lois and Gary Spencer-Tracey


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