Sunbites from Walkers for all you Sun-dwellers

Walkers have created some gorgeous wholegrain snacks called Sunbites.  Each flavor of these lovely snacks can compliment a different occasion you may experience in the Summer time!
Sweet Chili – A classic yet spicy flavour which is a perfect snack for some Movie going. The Sweet Chili taste is not too over powering but there is a nice after-taste to them.
Onion and Rosemary – The Rosemary flavour really defuses the onion(in a good way) making this a perfect snack to have with a pint down the pub.
Sour Cream with cracked black pepper – This is the strongest flavour of the all the Sunbites and is very creamy. These would be great teamed with Sour Cream dip to really enhance on the taste and even added as a side with BBQ food.
Sea Salted – These are very lightly Salted and are the least strongest flavoured of the Sunbites. As this style of taste is loved by all, they can be eaten any time and are perfect for a lunch time snack.
Cheddar and Caramelised Onion – Lastly we have the classic Cheese and Onion. As this flavour has changed over the years, the Caramelised Onion used in these Sunbites are the perfect compliment to the cheese flavour and would be a very good companion for a Picnic.

For a perfect little snack for anytime of the day, Sunbites from Walkers are a great taste of summer and sun, whatever the weather.

2 responses to “Sunbites from Walkers for all you Sun-dwellers”

  1. I loveee lightly salted crisps! I hope they sell these in Ireland soon! x

  2. The Rosemary ones are my favourite thing ever!

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