Swarovski Elements Jawaher Launch

Swarovski are the pioneering brand that like to evolve. Whether it be supplying decoration for designer footwear or bringing out the latest desirable jewellery, Swarovski are above the rest when it comes to creating something new and their latest venture is no exception. 
Swarovski have joined forces with other top designers to create decorative Abayas and other pieces that will make the wearer feel special and unique.  There are many different ways that Arabian Women like to dress, whether it be traditionally or more contemporary so with this in mind, Swarovski have many different outfits in different colours and styles to suit all wearers, young or old.  The outfits created are made with so much love and care and the quality is very much apparent in all the options available.
I attended the launch of this new venture and when I saw the models wearing the designs, they looked extremely sexy and elegant. The way they moved gave-off an air of grace and femininity that jeans and trainers could never do. It just shows us that women don’t need to wear revealing clothing to be seen as sexy.  Confidence and that air of mystery can be so much more appealing to men regardless of religion or belief.

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