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Belgravia girls

I love meeting up with my girl Amy. We always have a fab time catching up and it’s always fun thinking about projects we can work on and looking at cute places we can visit. Recently we met up in Belgravia, a part of London we rarely visit together to have a catch-up and some […]

Wet cobbled streets

It was great to meet Amy a few weeks ago and get these outfit pictures done. I love Gary doing mine normally but when you have a blogger friend do your pictures, you automatically experiment with different angles, looks and cool styles for each each shot.  Amy loves using her 50mm for outfit pictures so we chopped […]

Blogger pal date

I don’t have many blogger friends.  I have always been a lone wolf when it comes to the blogging world but in that way, I always seem to get more work done. The few fellow internet dwellers I do call friends though are lovely, down-to-earth people including Amy from Vintage Reflection who I met up […]