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Mifo O5 PLUS Wireless Earbuds are music to my ears

Mifo O5 Wireless Earbuds

Training for a marathon can be tough. As music is like oxygen to me, the new Mifo O5 PLUS Wireless Earbuds are music to my ears on those early morning runs. Available with a slick little chargeable dock, these earbuds are easy, light and very convenient. I wasn’t sure how the earbuds would even stay in my […]

Your three key goals for 2017

It’s January 2017, which means for some, its the chance to make changes and live out some new dreams and aspirations. We have all been guilty of promising ourselves the earth at the start of a new year and sadly when we set our heights too high, it’s no wonder we fail after just a few weeks. Some […]

Wellbeing all year round

Even though it is only 3 months into the new year I bet there are a few of you that have given up on your new year resolutions. I have definitely noticed a drop in the amount of people going to my local gym since January and with busy lives, we all seem to be guilty […]

Stella’s new sporty range with Adidas for SS15

Stella McCartney and Adidas have come together to celebrate their 10th anniversary collaborating and produced this new range StellaSport for SS15.  With bright colours and fresh new prints, this fab collection is aimed for the younger generation who love sports and who will wear these pieces as cool streetwear too.  Available now from Adidas, this performance […]

A healthier immune system with Bimuno Immunaid

With all that Turkey, junk food, partying and booze, our bodies have taken a bit of a battering over the holidays.  I know my body is in need of some TLC but luckily, Bimuno Immunaid are here to help our immune systems get back to normal.  By taking two of these chewable pastilles(right after your breakfast) […]

#Curryschristmaswalk with a Jawbone fitness band

I was recently invited along to the #curryschristmaswalk where fellow press people embarked on an educating walk around central London and had the chance to try out different fitness bands that Currys currently stock. On my arrival I was given the Jawbone up 24 to try out and once I download the app, I was ready to roll. […]