Tested and Proven, Emu are warm, water resistant and gorgeous too

As the colder weather is coming a little early for us this year, the thought of getting out our winter gear is a very daunting thought. But Thankfully it doesn’t have to be.
With our April showers keeping us on our toes in August, Emu’s new collection of A/W boots are perfect for keeping us dry and protecting us against the early evening Chill. As I always believed that these were not very water resistant, I tested the theory by holding them under the running tap for a minute and there was no leakage and the water literally ran off the boot. I felt inside and they were also bone dry, proving these will keep your feet out of harms way when our weather decides to be very ‘English’.
Also as another added bonus, Emu’s boots have supported soles for a more comfortable walk and constructed heels so there is no floppy boots to be seen.

A pair of boots from Emu’s collection is definitely an investment and it’s worth paying the money for a decent pair of these as they will last you through some of our very unpredictable weather including the surprising snow that we have had for a few years running now. 

Check our Emu’s new website here for their latest styles.


4 responses to “Tested and Proven, Emu are warm, water resistant and gorgeous too”

  1. Jude says:

    I really like the look of these, they look so cosy and comfy. How much do they retail for, thinking of investing in a pair for my winter trip to New York. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Bunnipunch says:

    They retail around £140 but are totally worth it! I hate the highstreet copies as they are so rubbish.

  3. Jude says:

    I think that is a reasonable price to pay for a pair of boots that are going to see you through several winters. I know what you mean about the £20 high street tat, my daughter got a pair last year and they fell apart within a month! I’m off to look at the website 🙂 Jude xx

  4. Bunnipunch says:

    They have some great styles! And lovely colours too! I liked the Navy/blue as I thought it would go well with jeans x

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