The Con of Raspberry Ketone and it’s other Diet pill buddies

Ketone - Wankers

I am not one to be normally be taken in by gimmicks, offers and pop up sales crap on the internet but after reading Helen Hasman’s piece on Raspberry Ketone and looking at various results online, I was hooked onto this idea that these little ‘natural’ pills were a gift sent from God.  I have always been a curvy girl and with a full time blog and job, trying to fit in exercise sometimes misses out.  I love running but I know jarring to my knees will get worse as I get older so these diet pills seemed like a good idea to try out.

Sadly I can’t tell you about the results as there is too many mixed messages online but I can tell you what the pounds you will lose from your Bank Account!

Thanks to @ebonydons on Instagram, I posted a picture of the new pills I had received and she came back with a message about WatchDog doing exposure on them.

Now I wasn’t at all worried about them not working as it cost me less than £8 for 2 bottles but I was worried about the reports of customers having a £100 a month bill after innocently signing up for a free trial as a one-off!

I know it isn’t clear but there is actually a  T&C’s section that explains this but of course, when they are selling it as a TRIAL, who thinks they will get charged a monthly fee for something that the customer thinks is a one-off?

I purchased mine from their mobile website which is even worse for showing you the REAL cost of the product so after checking the Terms and Conditions, I got straight onto Barclays(my bank) and they will now stop any payments that Nutra Pro LTD will try and take from my account. Barclays knew that this was started to happen to many customers so I am thankful that they were so resourceful and ‘on it’.

You can also email( the company behind Ketone, Green Coffee and all the others and ask them to CANCEL your 14 day home trial(which sometimes is advertised as 30 days) but I am still waiting for a response so calling your Bank is the best option as they already know what these scumbags are up too.

T&C's of Raspberry Ketone

I did finally get a response back via email and this is what that said:

Dear Lois,

Product: Ketone Advanced Trial

Thank you for contacting us about your order.

After a review of your account status, I知 sorry to say that the Email Support Center does not have permission to cancel your account by email. We ask that you please contact our Cancellation Department by telephone at your earliest convenience, so that a live customer support team member can assist you.

The Cancellation Department can be reached at +44 (0) 844 858-8073. For your convenience, our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We know that your time is valuable and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you,

Amy Tate
Email Support Center

Which leaves me confused as you have to email them to cancel but they can’t do it over email so you then have to ring them? Also the little Chinese wording inserted into the email looks very dodgy to me too!

So I called them and was connected to someone in Florida but the guy sounded Indian so not sure I believed him when I asked where he was based(the line was very bad too which didn’t help the process). After trying to convince the gentleman on the phone that I no longer wanted this shit product and hassle, we started going through the return process. Firstly he couldn’t find my order through my name, postcode or email but only found it from the last 4 digits of my card number which shows how bad this circus really is. I was finally given two seperate 17 digit numbers to return my products(so I don’t get charged) and of all places, I have to send them back to a PO BOX address in Milton Keynes!!

So as well as an address in Milton Keynes, there is an address on their website for Wales and an address on their despatch note for Linlithgow?

The whole thing stinks to high heaven to me but I really hope that no one else gets sucked into this promotion by these selfish BASTARDS! I know it doesn’t help with my faith in the Human race but please beware of any ‘Trends’ like these diet pills as you never know what it could cost you in the long run.


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  1. allie says:

    oh my god I can’t believe how ridiculously expensive they are! Good job you got on top of it when you did and good for you for putting the word out there


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