Fun at The Crystal Maze Experience London

So if you are as old as me, you probably remember a little programme we had in the UK called The Crystal Maze.  If you haven’t seen this show(watch here), basically a team of friends would take part in either a mental, physical, mystery and skill game and the aim is to win a crystal. Crystals equalled time given in a massive dome at the end of the show, where the team would try to collect gold notes to win prizes.

Lucky for those who loved the show, there is now a chance for everyone to have a go at this iconic game.

The Crystal Maze London

I was recently invited to have some Fun at The Crystal Maze Experience, London with 4 friends. As I was always a fan of the TV series, I was a little unsure how good the games would be but I wanted to give it a go and my friends seemed super excited to come along.

The Crystal Maze London

I don’t want to give too much away as you really should experience it for yourself but I can tell you now that is it exactly like the TV show. Your team will explore 4 zones with 4 games in each one and there are crystals up for grabs in each which equals time in the dome at the end. I really didn’t know how good the whole game was going to be but it was REALLY good. Fun enough that I want to do it again and see if I can beat our store of 12 crystals.

To enjoy some fun at The Crystal Maze Experience London click the link here and book a slot.

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The Crystal Maze London


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