The dream of the outdoor, indoor living

The covid pandemic has sadly forced all of us to re-evaluate how we work and also the time we spend with our loved ones.

As most of us had to work from home and will be for the foreseeable future, many of us have decided to spend money and time, making our homes more practicable for a busy family that are home a lot more often.

One way that we can really make the most of our homes is to bring the outdoors in!

We are pretty lucky in the UK as we have nice summers and it seems since the lockdowns begun and finished, more and more of us are spending time outside socialising with friends, enjoying movie nights and toasting marshmallows over fire pits.

To make the most of your garden and the room that leads to it, why not fit some modern bi-fold, sliding, french or entrance Doors. Installing doors like this will allow more light into your house, give you more space for entertaining, and can even help with the sale of your house.

There are a fair amount of companies around that can make doors for your home but I think Kloeber make some of the best ones. I love the more traditional-looking doors but they also have modern-looking doors too and if you are in need of some ideas, you can see lots of inspiration on their blog. Here are some of my favourite styles that I love and that I think would look great on a traditional old house like our victorian terrace.

These bi-folding doors really enhance this garden entertainment space.

I love how airy and spacious these doors make this space feel.

This space is great for entertaining inside or out.

If you want to create a statement, this inspiration (above) is a great way to go!

If you are like me and love the alfresco living, then doors like this on your home are a dream!

Kloeber also does windows and skylights too which are ideal to encourage the daytime into your home.

Check out their website for more product information and inspiration to help get you excited about spending more time at home.


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