The hardship of Job hunting in the Fashion industry

LondonBelieve it or not, I have been out of work for nearly 3 months and I am starting to go insane! Don’t get me wrong, I have my freelance projects here and there but when you are on the verge of wanting to buy a house, being freelance is not enough.

I recently made the decision to close my company, Carrot top PR as the print world in Fashion is changing. With samples going missing, clients not paying and going silent and me not charging enough, the wages were not matching the effort I was putting in and I thought it was best to go in-house and work for someone that can shoulder some of the responsibly too.

As well as working for Tabio as their social media, PR and first person to ever do a blogger event, I started my own agency in 2011 and since then I have obtained more than 80 pieces of printed coverage, tons of online coverage, obtained celebrity endorsement, helped get clients stockists, obtained clients for my business, hosted and organised events, supported social media for clients and SO MUCH more but I’m still out of work.

With so many people applying for PR and social jobs when they have only worked at KFC, it makes it so much harder for the experienced people when they are buried among these candidates in a pile of endless CV’s!

I want to work in-house with a good brand or agency as I feel I have a lot of offer. As well as huge contacts in print, online and freelancers, I have contacts with brands, PR’s, media agencies and loads more through my blog.  Contacts are a huge must in this industry but now I feel that companies would rather have an intern that is free then pay for someone who is worth their salt.

I have previous managed a team of over 50, have experience in visual Merch, styling, MAA and BAA roles, I can do creative writing, social media planning,  I’m great at brainstorming, making new campaigns, I have loads of ideas and have managed to obtain over 30K followers through my social media channels but I still can’t seem to get through to companies’ CEO’s and recruiters.

All I want to do is work for a company, get them coverage, reduce the amount that they pay out for advertising and untraceable PR stunts and get them results. I was able to obtain my clients coverage and I didn’t once take any press people out!  I was just nice, approachable and would move heaven and earth to get the samples to their offices so imagine how much more I could do if I had a budget to work with?

Surely I am worth hiring?


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  1. Bankè says:

    I totally relate to your experience. I’ve worked in fashion PR for a number of years but I have been out of full time employment for over 3 months. By month 3, I had started to experience similar frustrations that my endless meetings with job agencies and direct applications weren’t yielding any results. I worked as a in-house PR girl with no agency experience and I thought it was my lack of agency experience that was working against me. I then decided to go freelance which I have been doing for a few months now, but truthfully, it’s really hard and not very rewarding due to lack of stability or security like you’ve said.

    What ever you do, just don’t give up. In no time, you will look back and all of the waiting and searching will become history. The fashion industry is really hard and extremely frustrating, only those with true passion should pursue a career in it. Since I went freelance, I’ve been pushing outside of my comfort zone and currently I have 3 clients two of which aren’t fashion.

    All the best!
    Bankè xx

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m struggling too – the same as you I have proven results, experience and a first class degree. I agree it’s getting your CV noticed in the hundreds of other applicants! Have you signed up with a recruitment agency? Hays have been lovely with me and I am sure they have a London office.

    Best of luck.

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