Swiss Army Victoria Eau de Toilette Swiss Army Victoria Eau de ToiletteVictorinox are the masters behind the Swiss Army knife so you wouldn’t normally go to them for girlie perfume or other treats. Lucky for us, the brand are taking a new step in the right direction. Victorinox have released their new Swiss Army Victoria Eau de Toilette and it is a hit of summer in a bottle. With a fresh scent that is enriched with floral, fruits and leaf hints, there is also a underlining scent of wood and white musk.  It is a complementary fragrance that is not too over powering but instead gives off a lovely, feminine warmth that is natural just like summer. There is also a handy little portable spray available which ironically is in the same shape as a Swiss Army Knife. It also has a keyring loop attached so you could fix it to your bag or your keys so you can take your Swiss Army Victoria perfume with you everywhere.

Victorinox also have another site where you can also create flower bouquets to send to your friends or family as an online E-card or Postcard. This great little site enables you to choose the flowers you want and how many and gives you the access to send it to whoever you like!

 Why not have a go yourself? It’s actually pretty cool to see what bouquets you can come up with!Arranging flowers Choosing a ribbon Send and share

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