This is the night….

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With all the romance in the air from our dinner at Carnivor (see here), this great location was ideal to capture the outfit that I wore for mine and Gary’s meal out.  As it was the last opportunity to really show off some summer clobber, I really wanted to wear this beautiful outfit from Superdry! Many people have a perception that the brand is all slogans and hoodies, but with a talented team, Superdry really have some great gems in their collections and if you haven’t seen their pieces recently, I would suggest you have a look online now! (Well after reading this anyhow!)

This white dress is a huge favourite of mine. The older you get you want something comfortable to wear and with a flippy style that is loose and roomy, this dress is perfect as a travel item but as it was a little short, I teamed it up with this uber cute star print skirt from the brand and I think they look pretty good layered up.

I never thought Superdry would do Kimono’s but this one from them is a must! It’s a great print to wear with any summer outfit and I love the fringing and dark navy hit. It was really easy to throw on for this look and it’s going to get tons more wear as soon as the warmer weather touches in.

To accessorize my outfit, I HAD to carry this amazing beaded bag from Aspiga! I have featured it a few times now but it is great bag if you are off to a tropical location or just in need to give your outfit a colour top up.  It’s big enough to get your bits in which is always a must for us girls and it looks so cute with my Zara sandals and Superdry getup!

Do you like this look? I wish it was still summer so I could wear it again!!

Dress – Superdry

Skirt – Superdry

Kimono – Superdry

Bag – Aspiga

Shoes – Zara

Earrings – H&M

Necklace – Vivienne Westwood


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  1. […] As it was such a beautiful night with a gorgeous settling, I asking Gary to do some pictures for me to show off my outfit. I was pretty pleased with this little boho, Spanish getup that I had styled before we left and you can see this look here. […]

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