Through the years of air travel fashion

Vintage air hostesses uniform Vintage air hostesses uniform 2ThenMany of us wear a uniform. Weather you are a doctor, nurse, police officer, vet or traffic warden, uniforms give an identity and show authority. Of all the uniforms in the world, air hostesses and pilots are ones I find most interesting of all. With long days and many different time zones, I don’t know how these professionals keep themselves looking so chic and presentable when they are running around with sick bags and helping us with our luggage.

What’s funny though is how the uniforms have changed for those who work in the air. With previous chic styles in the 50’s, pink mini dresses in the 60’s and shorts in the 70’s, thankfully now fashion and practicality are a little more insync. Collaborating with designers to create great workwear, major airlines are now thinking about how their staff look 24/7 and are trying to make them feel good at the same time.  Jeff Banks has penned the famous navy and orange getup for Easyjet, Air France has had a hit of Parisian chic with Christian Lacroix and designer Simon Jersey created the elegant drape hats for Emirates. With a whole host of talent making airline staff look top notch, I’m not surprised these staff look so impeccable and hopefully the days of hot pants and shapeless blazers are long behind us.

Learn more about the other great designers changing these iconic uniforms for the better here!


Modern air hostness uniform


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