Tips for Wearing a Monochromatic Outfit

The current trend for monochromatic outfits is indeed a breath of fresh air, and if you were thinking that wearing garments of a similar shade was drab, think again. Rather than shying away from wearing the same shade, we should embrace the opportunity to try something a little different, and with the following tips, you can certainly carry off the monochromatic look.

Tips for Wearing a Monochromatic Outfit

Explore Textures – As you are following a same-colour pattern, playing with textures is a great way to add depth to your outfit. Coarse and fine, shiny and matte, the list is endless, and layering really does allow you to break up that same colour look in a sophisticated way. Mixing shades of grey and using various textures can really give you an eye-pleasing look, and minimise the jewellery, otherwise it becomes a little chaotic. There is a basic guide to the monochromatic concept, which is a must read for those who have little or no experience in using a single colour for an outfit.

Accessories  – Here is your chance to add a hint of contrasting colours to your one-shade look, but don’t overdo it. Scarves, bandanas, hats and belts are all great accessories with which to inject a little colour variation. If your collection is a little limited, ask friends if you can borrow theirs, which will give you more of a choice.

The Basics – Your blouse and skirt/pants will make up the foundation for your monochromatic look. By checking out some online designer boutiques, you can find some great tops, and there’s nothing wrong with going for a single-colour full length gown too. Online boutiques, for example, offer stunningly pieces like unique blue prom dresses for 2020 from top names like Sherri Hill and Jovanni, and buying online will save you some money too.

Wearing Prints – While you do need some self-confidence to wear prints, don’t rule it out for that monochromatic look you are planning. Whether dark blue or a lighter shade of green, fine prints can add some depth. You can limit the print to half of the outfit, but if you want to wear full print, make sure the prints you are wearing are different in size and style.

Layering – There’s never a better time to layer than with a single-colour outfit, especially in the autumn and winter months, when warmth matters. Jackets and waistcoats can really add new lines and dimensions to a monochromatic look, while silver and gold jewellery goes with any colour.

Neutral Colours – While black is perhaps the most popular colour to go monochromatic with, browns, greens and greys work well too. Prior to investing in the base outfit, spend some time online, searching for some inspiration. Think about your skin tone when choosing a monochromatic shade, and this will help you make the right colour choice.

The one-colour look is back in fashion, and with a little care, you can come up with a sophisticated look that makes good use of all or some of the above ideas. Experiment away, using your entire wardrobe. If you are an item short, buy that much-needed skirt of jacket online to complete your desired look.


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  1. Laura Budd says:

    Absolutely love this outfit- those boots are gorgeous! x

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