Titanic on Trial – Book review

We all know the dreadful story of how the doomed ocean liner, Titanic struck an iceberg and sank killing 1,503 people on board but what really happened during that fatefully night? Nic Compton, the creator of Titanic on Trial, has researched and collected a number of testimonial’s that were given by the some of the 705 survivors including crew and passengers. What is fairly alarming is that from all of these testimonials, it is clear that many Men’s accounts were taken rather then women’s. Also around 80 Children actually died in the disaster showing that a shortage of lifeboats wasn’t the only problem. As you go further into the book, the realities of a class age shows heavily with the lack of concern for the steerage passagers who to decided to stay in their cabins instead of heading to the boats and the first class passengers supposedly ‘paying’ to save their own skins. Thankfully we can’t really know what it was really like on the Titanic but with this book, you see through the eyes of the crew and passenger and how people from all walks of life dealt with the disaster.
If you are curious and fascinated with the Titanic then this book is ideal for you but of course beware, there is no happy ending to this story.

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