Trip to the Barcelona for Medwinds

The Amazing and lovely people at Medwinds hosted a press event inviting the top London bloggers out to the gorgeous city of Barcelona to spend time with the team and see the product up close and personal. As soon as our gang landed at Barcelona airport, we were completely looked after and treated to a fabulous lunch where we chatting about Social media and the power of blogging.
After too much Mediterranean food, we were shown to Medwinds show room where clothes hung from all areas, showing the quality and care that the company drives as its main purpose for Medwinds. As well as clothing, there were accessories and shoes, laid out that were luxurious and made with fantastic leathers. Ipads were also set up so the press and visitors could surf the brands website and see that product online.

Even though the product has a basic design with carefully designed details, there is no reason why these pieces can’t be dressed to suit anyone’s style and used as a foundation for some more expressive/loud pieces that need a good basic to complement it.
Medwinds are a truly fantastic brand that truly deserves all the success that can be had. With a great team and their focus on Customer service as a big factor, Medwinds have the grounds and product for the entire world to be wearing their pieces every day and every night.

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