Update your bedroom with these interior inspirations

I love having a Feng shui moment. I think it can really have a positive effect on your mood and thought process which can only be a good thing.

After we finally finished decorating our room, it was wonderful to fill it with some gorgeous things! Among these were some pieces from Laura Ashley. The brand is known for fabulous interior pieces and these ones I have here are beautiful!

Bedspreads are great for setting a mood or changing the style of a room and I really love this duvet cover from Laura Ashley. The embroidery is big in size but subtle in colour and it will suit most rooms and decor.

I also got this gorgeous tissue box holder and shell lamp from Laura Ashley too. The tissue box holder is great for keeping something essential near your bed and this lamp is so amazing!

I love candles so I knew I had to have one in our new room. Forma House has some great items to update your home and I love this large candle holder from the brand. It’s great for setting a cosy mood and Gary is a big fan of it too.

I really wanted some nice new coasters for our room and Oliver Bonas has a great selection. As we made a copper light fixture, it was important to have some copper inspiration throughout our interior design and these copper coasters fitted in with this plan perfectly.  They are great for our water which we always have on our bedside tables and best yet, they are weighty so they don’t move around which is great.

I really wanted some plants in our room so I bought some from Waitrose and had them delivered.  I think they really finish off our room and we recycled some of the old floorboards from our house and painted them white to create these shelves for my new plants and perfume too.

I think throws are great to have on your bed as they can change the look and can also make your room look extra cosy and inviting. I love a good throw, so it was nice to have this simple yet chic one from French brand By Lenak. The quality of this throw is so good and I think it will double up nicely as a blanket and throw for me when we go on a hot holiday again.

Last up is our wedding picture! When we got married(back in 2012), we asked guests to sign two of these black frames during the day as we knew we would have our pictures printed and placed up when we bought our first house. As we started building work as soon as we moved into our place, we didn’t have the opportunity to hang our pictures but now our room is finished, we have hung one of them in pride of place by our bed.

Hope you enjoy these pieces! They are so nice and affordable too so why not give your bedroom a little facelift.


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