Updating your bathroom for less this year

What does your bathroom say about you?  We’ve all seen that advert for a new kitchen during your “house barrasement” but is your bathroom giving you the same fear?

The thing with bathrooms is that you need them to feel fresh and clean to be a welcoming place to visit.

But what do you do if you cannot afford to replace your bathroom that needs some TLC?

Thankfully, updating your bathroom can be done without the huge expense demanded of other rooms in the house. And many times, you can update your bathroom easily with just a few small changes.

While installing a full new bathroom suite in the UK on average costs around £6,500, forgoing the expense of a new bathroom suite and updating what you can will help you to create a room you enjoy to spend time and relax in.

Clean The Grout

Over time, the grout in your bathroom will become dirty or damaged and unfit for purpose. You can instantly revive grout really easily using some handy tools and equipment.

You can buy tubes or tubs of grout or even grout pens that allow you to easily follow the route of your existing grout and freshen it up. If you need something more than freshening up the grout and it needs removing or replacing, there are some great online guides to help you remove the old grout and replace it with new.

Add Plants

Plants liven up any space. And a bathroom is a great space in your home to add plants too. Bring that nature vibe indoors by creating an oasis of calm using a variety of different plants.

The best thing is, you can get them to match pretty much any theme you are aiming for.


Giving your bathroom a fresh lick of paint will always be a good idea. It can be done quickly and easily within a day. Make sure to use specific bathroom paint as this is developed to withstand moisture and higher temperatures than the standard room and it will ensure it keeps looking its best for longer.


Add some personality to your bathroom by adding fun, funky prints, shelving for some bath-themed accessories, or even wall and tile transfers to help you create a look and theme you are happy with.

Add in a bath mat with a slogan for some added fun and shower curtains, if required or even towel rails or decor items that help you to tie everything together.


We all need storage in our bathrooms; without it, things can get messy quickly. There are so many different sizes and designs specifically for bathrooms, including slimline units to fit between your toilet and wall or toilet and sink. Woven baskets stacked on a tall unit can add to a natural theme if you are looking to create one and even suction baskets in a fully tiled space are great to hold your bathroom essentials.

Add Candles

They can be wax candles or artificial flame candles if you prefer, but there is no denying the ambiance afforded by having candles in your bathroom. Plus, the scent thrown from some candles can give you something to enjoy every time you enter the bathroom or walk past.

Burn daily or for special occasions, or use as ornaments in the room; the choice is yours, but that is a great way to add style and sophistication to a room.

Change Flooring

Bathroom flooring can be sadly neglected at times in your home. Still, you need suitable and durable flooring not only to look good but to protect your home from water damage caused by water seeping into the structure of your home and causing damage.

Tiles or vinyl flooring are popular options and are great for rooms with excess moisture, unlike carpets. Plus, they are easy to clean and can come in a variety of different designs too. 

If you are low on funds, you can buy offcuts of flooring for smaller bathrooms or stick on tiles for a temporary look to cover damage you can’t afford to replace straight away.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of adding light to a room and helping to create the illusion of a bigger space. Plus, they are convenient to have in a bathroom, especially if you spend a lot of time getting ready there. The type of mirror and size can be dictated by the look and feel you create in your bathroom and can enhance the style of your choice.


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