Velvet Birthday

Now when it comes to my birthday, I love to pick out a special outfit to wear on the day. Whether I shop at ASOS, Net-a-Porter or H&M, I like to wear something a little special that makes me feel great and confident.

I have recently had a lack of love for my body as I went from a size 10 to nearly a 16 in 2015. There was a few reasons why this happened but it’s crazy how quickly the weight goes on without you even noticing. While I tackle the gym head on (which I’m loving!), I’m at that in-between body stage where I could almost be happy so I wanted an outfit that says, ‘I feel pretty, confident and ready to rock!’

Well actually saying that, I did feel pretty great and sexy in this outfit and I think it shows in these pictures.

I don’t know if I was going for a certain trend with this look but as velvet was back in force for the going-out season, I thought this gorgeous baby pink velvet dress from H&M was ideal. With shoulder tie straps, you can easily adjust it for your own body and comfort and I found the shape to be really flattering around my boob and bum area.

With a dress like this, I knew I had to have a contrasting coat to go with it and Gary bought me this amazing embroidered one from Zara. Cut to perfection and easy to wear with ANYTHING(seriously, even with trainers!), it is a great staple item and looks really chic and expensive.

You may have noticed that I have gone more down the designer route when it comes to my arm candy but when I saw this one from Marc B, I knew I wanted to give it a spin. It was by pure accident that this bag and my dress matched so well and with its metal chain straps and quilted stitch detail, this bag, I think really finishes off my birthday outfit nicely…

What do you plan to wear on your birthday? I would love to know!

Coat – Zara

Dress – H&M

Tights – Primark

Boots – Missguided

Bag – Marc B


3 responses to “Velvet Birthday”

  1. This coat is dreamy! I love your look, that bag and dress work in perfect harmony with the statement coat! x

  2. […] year I wore a nice velvet number with a coat that everyone seemed to like(see it here) but I felt like this year I wanted to upgrade my style stakes and wear something that made me feel […]

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