Yves Saint Laurent have a new collection of signature perfumes in their ‘La Collection’ range. With Fragrances for Men and Women, there are some gorgeous choices from YSL this year. 
‘In Love again’ is a women’s fragrance that embodies Love and it’s colour and take on life. Presented in a cream bottle with gold font, the scent itself has a strong hint of of warm flowers mixed in with a homely feel. With a very sweet taste, the perfume really does give off that sense of love and all it brings to those who feel it.
‘M7 Oud Absolu’ for Men, instantly screams of manly-ness purely by looking at the Bottle. With a Heavy black design, the style is the same as the women’s yet gives off a completely different feel. The scent has a knock-out, spicy base that is warm and embraces a manly existence. As well as having a unique twist, a hint of this on a man’s shirt collar would guarantee a woman may want to live there too.
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  • 17 February 2012

    Love this post! I’m totally obsessed with YSL perfume, so I will definitely be adding this to my collection 🙂

    Drea xo


  • 18 February 2012

    Nice lovely and attractiveness.
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  • 25 June 2012

    Love this post! YSL really is lovely, it’s one of those products that really does live up to it’s hype. 🙂

    pheromone advantage

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