The ever so creative Sofia Coppola, has a new movie on the horizon and it’s gonna rob us of our ticket stubs. The Bling Ring is based on a LA gang of label-loving, celeb stalking peeps who famously robbed the rich to feed, well themselves. With a stella cast and very interesting storyline, you know the younger generation are going to be lusting over all the fabulous labels as well as the famous faces. Let’s just hope they don’t get any ideas….

Anyhow, with this movie in mind, I thought I would pull together my ideal swag bag for S/S 2013 and let the drooling commence….

The ideal bling ring SS 20131 – Scarf – Choulachou (Needed to cover your face from the paparazzi)

2 – Dress – Motel Rocks (Very Paris Hilton and very ‘should be in my wardrobe’)

3 –  Jacket – Proenza Schouler @ Net-a-Porter (A Statement jacket is a must for your Court date)

4 – Watch – Karl Lagerfeld @ Goldsmiths (For timing your raids)

5 – Clutch – Celine (Ideal for holding your passport and spare undies for a quick getaway)

6 – Ring – Monique Pean @ Farfetch (Just, for God’s sake, make sure your necklace, purse, eyeshadow and iphone cover match this)

7 – Shoes – Fendi @ Farfetch (So stylish they would even look good with a jumpsuit)

8 – Trouser – Kenzo @ Net-a-Porter (Hiding in the brushes may happen but they will think you’re a leopard lose from the Zoo)

9 – Wallet – Jean Rousseau @ Farfetch (Perfect for all those maxed-out credit cards)

10 – Dress – Antoni & Alison – (Well come on! How can they arrest you when you look this pretty!?)

In Cinemas June 14th

The Bling Ring Movie 2013

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