Movie review: Warhorse

Warhorse is a very well sort-after story that has been portrayed on London’s West end and is now finally on the big screen. With Steven Spielberg at the wheel, Warhorse is the story of one remarkable horse Joey, and his remarkable adventure during World War I. As Steven Spielberg has toyed with war movies before(Saving Private Ryan and Empire of the Sun), the Historical content and the realism of the war footage was very realist but was toned down for a more family friendly viewing.
As the star of the Film is Joey, it is fairly remarkable that you do care about this animal and it’s survival during such a dreadful time. Even though it is hard to relate to a horse, you still feel some love for it’s well being and hope it returns back to his original owner. The characters that seem to ‘own’ Joey through the months and years act as co-stars to the horse but you still have a level of interest for them and care where their lives will lead to.
As well as strong actors including Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, David Thewlis and Celine Buckens, Spielberg’s other ‘actors’ were the key details such as colour and shots of the film. Moments such as a gun shoot causing the horses heads to lift in unison or the sound of the herd charging towards it’s enemy, gave the film some edge and Spielberg magic that viewers have gown to love.
The colours implemented into the shots set the scenes for the movie perfectly, causing the audience to feel the right mixture of warmth or sadness from simple oranges, yellows and greens.
Overall, whether you are a Spielberg fan or not, Warhorse is a feel-good movie that looks at the World’s past and how a horse like Joey would have been affected during that time. Some fairly unknown actors actually gave the movie some authenticity, making Warhorse feel more personal to Spielberg and not just one for the big product houses.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree. I saw it today, Christmas Day, with my family. Yes, the photgraphy was excellent, coming as it does from the great film director, Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg has made many great movies, and his talent is truly overpowering.

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