#WeAreBeautiful Boohoo #WeAreBeautiful Boohoo#WeAreBeautiful Boohoo #WeAreBeautiful Boohoo #WeAreBeautiful Boohoo #WeAreBeautiful Boohoo #WeAreBeautiful BoohooBody confidence is something all women deal with. Whether you dislike your arms, legs, boobs or butt, we all have issues with our bits from time to time.

When Boohoo approached me to do this #WeAreBeautiful and show off some beach wear, I was at first a little reluctant. When my Nan was ill at the end of 2013, I put on a lot of weight during that time so Boohoo asking me to show off my body made me feel a little nervous.

After about 30 seconds of telling myself it will be fine, I decided to do the challenge. I was going to show off one of the brand’s swimwear pieces but as my boobs are a 30HH I opted for a rather revealing top instead.

I have always been conscious of my boobs as they have always been rather large all my life but they look great in this lace cami and they don’t appear to dwarf the rest of my body either. The trousers look really ace too and you can imagine that on a hot day these would keep you nice and cool.

What do you think of this look?

I’m really pleased I did this challenge with Boohoo as it made me feel a little better about myself. I was really happy with my size 10 body I had before but I have learnt that life throws unexpected things at us. More than anything this experience has helped me embrace whatever body I have at any given time and that the only person who needs to accept you is yourself.

Top, Trousers and Shoes are all from Boohoo.


  • 6 July 2015

    How cute is that crop!? We all have hang ups and a lot of us are still working on feeling body confident. You’re totally owning this look!!

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