Dr Martens Festival bunnipunch 2013Dr Martens Festival bunnipunch 2013

Dr Martens Festival bunnipunch 2013

Dr Martens Festival bunnipunch 2013Dr Martens Festival bunnipunch 2013Dr Martens Festival bunnipunch 2013I have been among some of the lucky buggers to get tickets for Glastonbury this year but the one thing I am unsure about is what to wear and pack. As well as my normal  rocky style shorts, tops and funky accessories, some reliable footwear is going to be needed but this is where the problems start.

Firstly Glastonbury can sometimes be like a mud-hole but that leads me to the second part, I HATE wellies. No, not just hate, detest. I think it goes back to me when I was young and having to wear them over the fields at bonfire night. I distinctively remember losing feeling in my toes as it was so cold and the wellies had no padding, and weren’t very supportive either.

Thankfully those clever clogs over at Dr Martens have created some wellies that look exactly like their signature boot. With a comfortable sole and a completely sealed in tongue, no water can get in. With this in mind I thought I would test these puppies and see how equipped they are.

I had a little kick around in the mud as I wanted to see how easy it was to get the dirt off of the boots. Lucky for me they wiped clean really easily and maintained their lovely patent appearance.

As they passed the mud test, I wanted to see how dry my feet would be with a water test. You can imagine pouring a large amount of water on your shoes is bound to get your feet wet but mine remained nice and dry. The Shoes on the outside dried extremely quickly and the water seemed to just roll off and not penetrate the fabric at all.

As well durable and waterproof, these shoes are very comfortable and have a thin layer of padding inside.  If you are going to a festival this year I would definitely suggest you get a pair of these Dr Martens wellies to keep you looking stylish and keep your feet warm and dry too.

And why not style up your wellies with a cool tie-dye shirt from Dr Martens too. With large pockets and soft fabric, I got this shirt in a XL as I wanted to wear it oversized for Glastonbury and it matches my wellies perfectly!

Shirt – Dr Martens

Shorts – Forever 21

Boots – Dr Martens

Socks – Tabio

Bracelets – H&M, Spitalfields Market & Charity shop

Rings – Castle Lawson, Gift shop in Scotland and Hazeem London

I got these cool wellies from the Dr Martens Store in Carnaby street London and you can find out more about this great store here.

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