Western front

Western frontWestern frontWestern frontWestern frontI love showcasing new designers and I have three gorgeous ones that are very different to show you. First up is Brookhaven which is a cool casual brand by JD Sports. The collection consists of a few streety pieces including this lovely Aztec top which I totally fell for. With a long back and oversize style, it’s a great piece and I can’t wait to wear it in a smart and casual attire.

I have loads of compliments about this necklace and I am really looking forward to showing it off during LFW. I Love Crafty have some great and creative jewellery pieces that are ideal for those who like to make an impact. ‘I’m really a Mermaid’ was a slogan for me when I used to go swimming every week as a kid so this necklace seems to be a match made in heaven for me.

Leather is something of a drug to me and any good leather boots should be seen as an investment rather than fast fashion. Seven Boot Lane are the UK-based label that produce luxury boots but at very affordable prices. I have lots of ankle boots at home so I knew these Ava boots would be good to try wearing with shorts for the summer and jeans for the winter. These boots are priced at £200 but you know what? The quality of leather is so good and they smell utterly amazing too.

Top – Brookhaven at JD Sports

Shorts – Topshop

Necklace – I Love Crafty

Boots – Seven Boot Lane


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