What to wear this Halloween…

Halloween was always an American holiday that us Brit used to treat with a pinch of salt but as our retail industry and the media love to promote this spooky season, the rest of us are adopting the US traditions of pumpkins, costumes and tons of candy.

There is tons of things to wear for this party season, I thought I would pick some of the best bits of clothing and costumes that are on the market for you to rock for Halloween!

Halloween FASHION

Loads of highstreet brands always do Halloween-themed pieces every year but some of the designers are doing darker stuff too. Here’s some of my fav’s I have found online and I am loving some of these gothic and ghouly gems!

1. Prune bag – Kenzo at Selfridges

2. Teen Witch jumper – ASOS

3. Star earrings – ASOS

4. Evil eye trainers – ASOS

5. Spooky top – New Look

6. Lace Maxi dress – Missguided

7. Ghost jumper – ASOS

8. Teeth iphone 6 case – ASOS

9. Bat slip on’s – ASOS

10. Black bib stone necklace – New Look

11. Skeleton bodysuit – Missguided

12. Goat fur bag – Givenchy at Selfridges

Costume time is always fun to experiment with so why not explore what you want to dress as this Halloween! There are plenty of choices on the market but Funidelia has some really funny costumes for anyone to try and I’m a huge fan of the horror film outfits and the ones for dogs are amazing!

Halloween costume

1. Morticia Addams womens costume – Funidelia

2. Mini pumpkin – Funidelia

3. Yoda dog costume – Funidelia

4. Phantom of the Opera mens costume – Funidelia

5. Girls Frank’n costume – Selfridges

6. Mr T dog costume – Funidelia

7. Kids Frankenstein costume – Selfridges


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