What trainers should you invest in?

So what trainers should you invest in? You may not be a trainer wearer yourself but there is no denying that this particular footwear trend is not going anywhere. From ugly sneakers to skater high-tops, there are tons of styles to choose from but one of my all-time favourites is the Nike Air Max 97.

When I was at school, the Nike Air Max 97 was the go-to pair of trainers when they first launched in 1997. I remember they were about £120 so there was no way my parents would fork out that much for something I would probably wear to death over the park or kicking around Hockey where my mates lived.

Fast forward 20 years and I finally bought myself a pair of these statement Nikes. (Hooray! 🤗) The brand was giving the style a rejuvenation so I thought ‘why not?’

There were only the Gold and silver(may have been black but can’t remember) colours to chose from back in 1997 but now there are so many different colourways available to buy. I love these white, flame injection options which look SO COOL and I even found these chic white pair that would look lush with a cute playsuit or floral dress.  I think I’m just drawn to the curvy lines on the sides and that small tick of happiness that isn’t overbearing.


It’s funny how some clothing styles stay with you throughout. The Nike Air Max 97’s just remind me of my teenage years when I used to dream of escaping from school, hanging out with my mates and listening to Wonderwall.

So in answer to the grand question, what trainers should you invest in? I think whatever trainers make you feel like a teenager is probably best.

DISCLAIMER: This is a paid post.


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