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I know right?!

Those clever people at Legal and General wanna know what makes normal(well semi normal) people like us tick!

Whether it’s people walking slowly in front of you or getting some new shoes, the bods want to know what gets your blood pumping!

Simply answer these questions in this survey here and you could win £200!!! 

Good luck people!!

Ends soon so get going!!


  • Rachel Collins
    1 June 2015

    1) 25-34 years old
    2) Female
    3) Yorkshire and the Humber
    4) People who walk too slowly
    5) Curl up with a good book
    6) Finding money in your pockets
    7) Shopping for stuff you don’t need

    Rachel Collins
    Great giveaway – thanks so much for the chance! Xxx

  • 1 June 2015

    1.) 18-24 years old
    2.) Female
    3.) East Midlands
    4.) Holding a door open for someone who doesn’t acknowledge it
    5.) Finding the nearest beer garden
    6.) Trying a new recipe and nailing it
    7.) Eating out all the time
    8.) £100-£149

    You can find me on twitter @oliviakateslack
    Thanks for the opportunity for this competition!! Fingers crossed x

  • Jess Tonking
    1 June 2015

    1. 25-34 years old
    2. Female
    3. South East
    4. Forgetting your umbrella when it’s chucking it down
    5.Find the nearest beer garden
    6. Hitting a personal best in the gym
    7. Shopping for stuff you don’t need. £250-£299

    Jess Tonking

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Heather Cain
    6 June 2015

    1. 45-54
    2. female
    3. east of England
    4. Holding doors open and people not acknowledgeing it
    5. Go shopping
    6. Finding money in my pockets
    7. Cosmetics that i just have to have
    8. 0.- 49 cos i dont have any more than that
    9. Loving this competition very much
    10. Hoping its not too late to enter
    11. Really wanting to win

    • Anna Forbes
      18 June 2015

      1. – 25-34 years old
      2. Female
      3. – London
      4. Crumbs in bed
      5. – Curl up with a good book
      6. – Putting on clothes straight from the dryer
      7. − Eating out all the time
      8. £150-£199

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