Your key 2018 essentials

It’s March – how the hell did that happen? As the year is running away with us already, I thought I would share with you some of the key survival pieces that are really keeping me in shape, looking great and feeling good!

Now that the human race is taking notice of the damage that plastic is doing to our planet, drinking flasks and reusable cups are more important than ever. I have been using a travel mug for about 5 years now but I was really impressed when I first found out about Fressko on Instagram. The Aussie brand knows all about the importance of reducing plastic and have created lush flasks that can carry tea, coffee, infused water or any drink you want! The flasks are great for keeping liquids cold or hot and I love the designs that are available. I have been using the glass flask for my travel up to London for meetings and my coloured one for the gym which keeps my juice lovely and cool during my workouts.

 So music is VERY important to me! Having worked in the music industry and grown-up listening to some amazing artists, I have to have my music with me where ever I go. As I love statement pieces, FRENDS headphones are just ideal for me and anyone else who likes good looking headgear. I own the Taylor ones in Rosegold and they are the ideal size to keep my ears warm and not let the outside world interfere with my music listening experience. FRENDS even have wireless options now as well as loads of different colours so make sure you check them out!

Winter is always horrendous to my hands. Previously they have been cracked and very dry but thankfully this year I have been using L’Occitane’s Shea intensive hand balm. Nourishing and not at all greasy, this hand balm has completely saved my hands over this snow spell we are having and will probably be very handy over the summer too.

I sometimes feel like giving up on my face. I don’t tend to use any toner or cleanser as I have previously had a reaction to them but also I find that they don’t particularly do anything for me. I do have a slight blackhead problem around my nose too which can be very frustrating but I have finally found a product that actually helps. Sand and Sky is the miracle product that I now use about 3 – 4 times a week. Made of Australian pink clay, this mask deeply cleanses, detoxifies, clears out the bad stuff and even Brightens your skin. It’s great if you suffer from some redness and if you are having a spotty day, this stuff will cure that too! It does slightly sting when I apply it but the results are well worth a moment of stringing and I’m so happy with the results it gives me.

Exercising in the winter can be tough. With most people giving up on their new year’s fitness resolutions by February, sometimes working out at home is better. JML have some great items for many and I am really excited to show the Flex Core 8 available on their website. Designed to work your arms, legs, stomach and back, this all-rounder is ideal for new Mum’s, those who hate the gym and even some who find it hard to do normal exercises. The Flex Core 8 does come with a DVD to educate you and I’m going to do a full review of this very soon so stay tuned!

You may have read previously that I am in the rather difficult stage of growing out the bleach in my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the bleached look but it really does ruin your hair long-term and the older I get, I think highlights and more natural tones are the way to go. Because the bleach is only halfway down my head, I really need a good shampoo and conditioner to treat my locks and repair the damage. Luckily L’Occitane has some great repairing shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Formulated without silicone that helps repair and strengthens your hair, these two gems have really made a difference to my locks and they leave my hair smelling amazing!

What isn’t to like about a unicorn mag!? I had to put this lovely item on this list as it made me smile as soon as it arrived in the post! With a revealing rainbow mane when it’s filled with hot water, it’s a great mug for you or for a gift (if you can bear parting with it!) Buy it here.

If you want to do something good for charity, make sure you buy a tee from Girl vs Cancer. The brainchild of awesome babe Lauren Mahon, Girl vs Cancer donates 25% of sales of their t-shirts to TrekstockCoppaFeel!, Future Dreams and Look Good Feel Better. They have some really nice designs and you should definitely read Lauren’s journey too as she is a VERY inspiring lady! x


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