London Fashion Week S/S 2015 – Day 3 – Lady in Orange and Red

Bunnipunch Streetstyle LFW Day 3 2014 Bunnipunch Streetstyle LFW Day 3 2014 Bunnipunch Streetstyle LFW Day 3 2014Bunnipunch Streetstyle LFW Day 3 2014Bunnipunch Streetstyle LFW Day 3 2014Bunnipunch Streetstyle LFW Day 3 2014Bunnipunch Streetstyle LFW Day 3 2014Bunnipunch Streetstyle LFW Day 3 2014Day 3 was a rather short day at Somerset house for me and with only a few shows to do, I was using the time to play catch up and get some work done.

This outfit that I am wearing here is something I had only put together the night before. Sadly one brand was meant to send me some pieces to wear and as they ‘forgot’ I had to look at some of the items I had(Boohoo jacket and Red shoes) and make an outfit that is striking and of course fun!

Pret a Portobello have designed some rather cute tongue-in-cheek t-shirts this season including this ‘Wintour is Coming’ tee which does put a smile on my face! It’s made from a really good and decent cotton blend and I think the slogan is ideal for this look and for London Fashion Week in general.

I have worn a fair few things from Boohoo over a past Fashion weeks but with strong product and a nice team, it’s always good to work with them again. I loved their Orange baseball jacket that I am wearing here and when I saw it back in August and I knew it was ideal to wear for LFW and I love the metallic orange.

It’s funny how with some certain pieces of clothing sometimes just jump out at you. I had this with these gorgeous shoes from TK Maxx and like a trained Ninja they saw me coming from a mile off!  I totally fell for the star studs on the front of the toes and the red suede had me running for the till point at high speed! Even though they are brand new shoes, they are so, so comfortable and I even walked home in them which was nearly 2 miles and they didn’t hurt at all! AMAZING!

As this outfit was pretty much made of red and orange, I had some great accessories to finish up this look and make it tie in. First up, Swatch have collaborated with London Fashion Week and created a limited edition watch! It was the perfect colour to wear and I love how it has a safety pin as the hands. It’s a really simply design but sometimes that is best with a rather busy outfit.

You must know by now that I have a massive obsession with New Era and I love this Orange print cap that the brand have collaborated on with House of Holland. It is the perfect orange to go with this baseball jacket and I know it is going to be worn A LOT!

As bags are a great way to get noticed at London Fashion week, I thought I would carry this Rose style bag from Sunita Mukhi. I love style of the rose that looks embossed on the bag and it was so easy to carry all my essentials in there for LFW too!

Jacket – Boohoo

T-shirt – Pret a Portobello

Shorts – ASOS

Shoes – TK Maxx

Socks – Primark

Cap – New Era

Bag – Sunita Mukhi

Watch – Swatch

Sunglasses – Superdry

Earrings – Atomic Lace

Images by Sheri Scott


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