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Getting Summer-ready with Kaleidoscope

Red and stripes and all things nice… As Summer is finally here(I know it has been mixed, weather wise), it was great to collaborate with ladies’ favourite Kaleidoscope and showcase some of their cool Summer gear.  Now when I work with a more ‘ladylike’ brand, I tend to try and get a little out of my […]

Dinner with Cottons, Notting Hill, London

Believe or not but I have never really tried real Caribbean food before. Not sure why but just having a general love of English pub grub and Italian food may have meant I missed this opportunity. Always willing to try something new, I wanted to try Caribbean food and the new Cottons restaurant in Notting […]

Afternoon Tea at The Arch, London

Afternoon tea is one of those old English traditions that I totally love. Sadly though, with all of us rushing around and trying to fit in too much, I think traditions like this just kind of disappear. Thankfully though, I recently had a urge to eat scorns and finger sandwiches at 3pm one day so […]

Afternoon Tea ensemble

Tea and cake with a mate is always good but what do you wear for such an occasion? Having been invited to The Arch London to experience their afternoon tea, I was a little lost on what outfit I would call appropriate. After a few scratching head moments, I decided on this look that is girlie-meets-slogan-meets-trendy […]

Dinner with Cigalon, Chancery Lane, London

I will admit it, when it comes to food and how it’s cooked – I am a little fussy. I haven’t always been like this but after having a few horrid meals at in various places and visiting amazing restaurants in Europe, when it comes to grub, I do like good food and good of […]