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Dinner with Min Jiang, London

Dinner with friends is all part of the bonding process so what better way to catch up with an gal-pal and enjoy a lavish dinner at Min Jiang at the Royal Garden hotel. In situ on Kensington’s High Street, it was the perfect location for some well needed food, a chat with my mate Phiroza and […]

Embroidery haven

I do love a spot of shopping when I have time but when you find that die hard item, suddenly, you feel a hit of excitement again. Even though I have had some shocking customer service experiences at Zara not long ago, all was forgiven given when I was helped by a lovely gentleman that track down […]

Safe and secure with Shock Absorber

With a busy job that consists of late nights and working weekends, I have put on weight. Now I didn’t mean this to happen but when you aren’t looking after yourself properly, it’s easily done. I was eating the wrong food, my cholesterol crept up and I felt knackered all the time. As I’m trying […]

Work, layer and play 

It’s all work and no play when it’s the ‘back to school’ season but at least with the change of climate, fun can be had with a few new Autumn pieces. New Look has always provided fashion hits that fit any girl’s style and I love how easy and simply it was to create this […]