4 Rules For Picking The Perfect Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is a very important space in the home and it’s essential that you decorate and furnish it properly. The way that you arrange your bedroom has a big impact and it can be the difference between a cosy room that promotes good sleep and a cramped room that you don’t feel comfortable in. Getting the decor right is important because certain colours and patterns are not good for sleep, but choosing the right furniture is often the hardest thing. If you are decorating your bedroom, here are some important tips on choosing and arranging the furniture. 

4 Rules For Picking The Perfect Bedroom Furniture

Don’t Cheap Out On The Bed 

Beds and mattresses are pretty expensive but it’s a mistake to cheap out and go for the budget option. There is a big difference between cheap mattresses and expensive ones and it can have a serious impact on your sleep. If you get a good quality mattress, you’ll have plenty of support and can drift off to sleep easily. But a cheap mattress will offer no support and you’ll be uncomfortable after a short period of time. You won’t get a good night’s sleep and you’ll wake up with a bad back every morning. There are some areas where you can save money on your bedroom furniture but the bed isn’t one of them. 


Go For Built-In Wardrobes 

Being economical with space is important because you don’t want a cramped bedroom that feels tiny. The bed will obviously take up the lion’s share of the room, but wardrobes can also take up a lot of space. If you don’t have a very big bedroom, you might fill most of the floor space between the bed and wardrobes, but you can save yourself some room if you go for built in wardrobes instead. Get yourself some good rauch wardrobes and fit them in corners of the room that wouldn’t otherwise get used. You can save yourself a lot of space and open the room up, and they look great as well. 

Think About How You Will Use The Room 

When it comes to arranging the furniture, you need to think about how you are going to use the room. If you watch TV in bed, for example, you need to place the bed so you can see it easily. If you like to read in bed then you need plenty of good lighting nearby. You need to think about how you use the room before you start buying and arranging furniture, so you can make sure that it’s perfect for you. 


Balance The Room 

Balance is important in interior design, and your bedroom is no exception. You have a few large pieces like the bed and wardrobes in the room, and you need to find a balance between the two. The easiest way to achieve this is to position them opposite one another. But bear in mind that this can make a small bedroom feel crowded, so in that case, it’s best to position them against the same wall. 

As long as you stick to these rules, you can pick the perfect furniture for your new bedroom design.


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  1. marie says:

    I love your interior post. I think my bedroom (lately renovated > see my blog) does ticks all the above 🙂

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