5 Tips For Managing Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are some of the most common mental health conditions for people all around the world. Anxiety can come in various forms and affect people in different ways, both physically and mentally. Although as a global population, people are beginning to realise the importance of dealing with mental health, many people struggle to deal with their daily anxiety. 

Failing to address or overcome anxiety can cause your condition to escalate, having a potentially long-term impact. Whether you suffer daily, or you have particular triggers, it’s important to learn how to manage them. 

Thankfully, there is an abundance of information and support resources available to help you live better. For some people, exercise is the main combatant of stress and anxiety, while for others, supplementation gives them what they need. 

If you are learning to manage your anxiety, here are five helpful tips to consider. 


Regular exercise is hugely beneficial for overall cognitive function. It produces natural endorphins which can improve mood, sleep, and reduces stress. An active lifestyle is very effective in reducing stress and tension in the body, which are some of the main components of anxiety. 

What’s more, getting into good physical shape can improve your self-esteem, confidence, and make you feel better about yourself.


Meditation is a breathing based activity that can be very effective at combating anxiety. When practiced regularly, mediation can work wonders. It can also be used as a calming technique if someone is suffering from a panic or anxiety attack. 

There are many fantastic resources available online or as mobile apps to help you ease into a meditation habit. Sites such as Headspace offer free guided meditations that instruct you step-by-step on what you need to do. 

Wellness supplements

Wellness supplements that focus on balancing out hormones, natural chemicals, and vitamins can make a huge difference to your stress and anxiety. 

In recent years, CBD oil has become a very popular supplement. Some of the main benefits associated with it are increase focus, reduced stress, and good quality sleep. CBD oil can be taken every day. Although it is created from cannabis, the oil does not have psychoactive properties.


Sleep is often overlooked as a contributor to illness, either mental or physical. Sleep deprivation can be absolutely detrimental to your mental health. It is a common trigger for stress and anxiety. 

Failing to get a quality night of sleep significantly affects cognitive function. This not only impacts anxiety directly, but it also reduces your ability to deal with regular tasks. This contributes to further stress and anxiety by interfering with hormone levels. 

Prioritise quality sleep and work toward creating a healthy routine. This means not looking at your phone in bed, cutting out all caffeine after around 4pm, and also taking care of your eyes, as eye strain can create stress. If you find yourself struggling to read things, book an eye test appointment and look here for an ideal pair of glasses. For adults, the goal should be to get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. 

Professional Help

When it comes to your mental health, you should always consider getting professional help. Anxiety can be different for each individual. Professional therapists are best positioned to help you learn about and to overcome it. 

Rather than treating the symptoms of your anxiety, through therapy, you may learn better ways to cope, manage, and control it. Talking about your anxiety with your loved ones can also help you work through them and come up with solutions to reduce future stress and anxiety.

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