A day at the races

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It was time to don the saddle last week as me and the hubby were invited along to the Hennessy Cup at Newbury racecourse. I had previously had my reservations before about going but I’m pleased I attended as it was a window into another world and it was great to see what all the fussy was about.

After driving hour and a half to get there(it flew by with our tunes turned up) we arrived at Newbury and was given a real feast for the eyes as we walked through the entrance. Food and drinks vendors were littered about with yummy tasting treats(try the pork bun) and bet-ers and horsy folk were everywhere. As me and Gary aren’t ones for betting it was still fun to see the reaction of everyone during a race and seeing the poor jockeys take a tumble after a jump was pretty dramatic too.

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I really loved the mix of people at Newbury which was a strong contrast of East London and West types but all were smartly dressed and polished up in their tweed. There was a few youngins who were a little too merry but with us in good spirits from an interesting day, it didn’t dampen our fun at all!

Thanks to Newbury Racecourse for having me!

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