A girl’s new best friend

For those who know me, I have always battled with bitting my nails. I relate this habit to my anxiety but recently I have been trying to combat it. To help and stop me from putting my fingers anyway near my month, I have been regularly filing, buffing and putting nail varnish on and that’s how I came across Nailfix and Chill. A cream created by The Sign Tribe, this product is one of the best things I have ever discovered.

I utterly hate nail varnish remover as it smells toxic, it is probably not very good for you and it really isn’t particularly pleasant all round. I was pretty shocked then when I first found Nailfix and Chill cream as I thought it would be impossible to remove nail varnish with something that basically smells like hand cream. As I like to try most things at least once, I thought I would give it a go.

Sadly the instructions weren’t clear on the packaging(there isn’t any) or on the website so I searched the brand’s Instagram account and found a post showing how long it would take to wait before removing the cream so I used that as a starting point.

I wasn’t sure how much cream to put on either but if you follow these instructions and you should be sorted.

1. Make sure you have your phone/clock ready, some tissues and Nailfix and Chill cream.

2. Apply a small amount of cream to each nail and rub in gently.

3. Leave on the cream for 1 min 10 seconds (that is what I left mine on for).

4. Once your time is up, use the tissue to rub off the nail polish(make sure you get in all the corners).

5. You’re done! Make sure you wipe any excess cream from your hands or any surfaces that you have touched so you don’t stain anything!

Hope you enjoy using this cream! Really want to know what you guys think!


2 responses to “A girl’s new best friend”

  1. Hanna Rose says:

    This looks like one of those unique and innovative products that makes me think why didn’t somebody invent something like this sooner! Looks like a great alternative to normal nail polish remover. Slightly messy looking to apply but maybe it could be rubbed in with a cotton bud or something? Who knows?! But anyway I love the look of it and it seems to make easy work of it for the most part too.
    Great review.
    Hanna x | @ missbeautysaver.com

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