Are Fashion Trends having their recession?

The Fashion industry has always been built on new trends, statements and new looks that break the rules and above all, are Fun. With our world, recovering and still suffering from the past and current recession, the retail world seems to be finally feeling the heartache that the banks and others felt previously.
It seems that people, just don’t have the money to shop as much.
With a saturated market of Primark and Forever 21, shoppers are spending their money on cheap trend-inspired pieces instead of going to their regular haunts that have more quality for their pennies. 
But if this is true for everyone, where does this leave Topshop, Reiss and Zara?
It was clear when I attended some press days in the last couple of weeks that brands with a higher price point are upping their game when it comes to their collections and creating pieces that won’t look old in a years time. It seems that they want us to shop with them for our ‘Foundation’ wardrobe and invest in our clothing instead of fluttering it away in these cheap one-hit, one-wear stores.
But what is this doing to the Fashion Industry? Retail and the Fashion media are very separate within this mad circus but yet like other industries, they relay on one-and-other.
I love on trend pieces as much as the next girl but the problem is, with me saving for a wedding and a house, investiment pieces are the only way forward. So surely with jobs not secure and youngers trying to save for their future, is fashion becoming a luxury that most of us can’t afford?
With a pleak future for the Euro and America in disarray, the world seems far from recovering from the recent ‘money troubles’ and finally fashion and retail and are one of the industries paying the price.
Let’s up we can all soon afford a few treats to enjoy a new trend.

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