Autumn leafs

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I love red leafs, don’t you? There’s something about them that screams, ‘Photograph me’ so after I pulled this outfit together, I knew they would make a gorgeous backdrop to pop against my outfit.

Even though I am a summer person through and through, I’m actually not minding this wrapping up and layering business. As I never know what coat to wear for the colder months(there’s always too many to choose from!) I decided to try a retro style coat that normally I would shy away from.

I remember my brother used to have a green anorak coat with orange lining and seeing this cute one from Brookhaven available at JD Sports, instantly transported me back to a time of popping to the corner shop for bonbons and climbing trees. Funny enough, there were no climbable trees nearby so I thought I would try a slightly more feminine look with such a playful coat. Funny enough JD Sports actually have a really cool competition on at the moment where you get the chance to win £250! To win, simply download their app, upload a picture of yourself wearing JD sports gear with #JDstyle and you could win! They are giving vouchers away everyday until November 8th so it’s well worth doing!

Anyway back to my look and these shoes. They are from Just Fab and they are AMAZING! Anything a little different has me flocking to the buy it now cart and these shoes had me running double time. I’m still a little confused to whether they are shoes or boots but either way, they ROCK. PERIOD.

As I only wear silver jewellery, I normally don’t get to buy many pieces as it can be a little expensive but lucky for me I recently discovered Uncommon Goods. With some amazing jewellery pieces including bracelets, necklaces and earrings, there is lots of products to choose from and I totally fell for this bow ring when I first saw it! Available in sterling silver, I really love the style and appearance of this ring and it looks utterly cute with my outfit here! Why not explore Uncommon Goods, you may find something you love too!

Me and jumpers have a funny relationship. Most of the time I find them lumpy, bumpy and not friendly to girls with big bangers but this jumper dress from ASOS works pretty well for my shape. It works great with my retro style here and with ‘1990’ plastered on my back, this outfit is a big nod to my childhood and more carefree times.

What coat are you wearing this season?

Coat – Brookhaven at JD Sports

Jumper dress – ASOS

Jeans – New Look

Ring – Uncommon goods

Shoes – Just Fab

Bag – Just Fab

Sunglasses – Bailey Nelson


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