Bag Servant, can I be your Slave?

Bag servant is the online store where you can browse designer bags that are from Bag servant and other shopping sites. With brands such as Chanel, Mulberry, Cath Kidston and Fendi, you can see there is plenty of eye candy to choose from. I think out of all the styles, the purple Riki Rosetta at the top is my favourite and best of all, it’s exclusive to this fab website!
 I feel a splurge coming on! 

2 responses to “Bag Servant, can I be your Slave?”

  1. I totally missed this post and I’m always trying to up to date with Fashion world?! Those Designer Bagslook INCREDIBLE. This is really a nice and highly informative attractive blog.

  2. Adwoa says:

    I use the website to get a new handbag, a really good guide if like me are so indecisive but also have certain criteria that you adhere to. Totally loving the peach bag!!

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