Co Yo’s Healthy and Coconut inspired Yoghurt

Co yo Yoghurt review Co yo Yoghurt review Co yo Yoghurt review Co yo Yoghurt review Co yo Yoghurt reviewI’m always up for a healthy snack and my Hubby and me loved these real Coconut Yoghurts from Coyo. With an injection of Berries, Raw Chocolate, Mango or plain natural Coconut, these Yoghurts are Vegan friendly and are Dairy, Soya, Lactose and Gluten free and have No added sugar too!

I loved the raw Chocolate flavour and it’s bittiness from the chocolate but I was a little naughty and added some smarties for a more sugar hit.   The Yoghurt itself is really creamy and has a lovely quality to it! It’s smooth and is a great Yoghurt to add to a diet or healthy lifestyle.

You can buy these Coyo Yoghurts from Tesco and only costs £1.69 – Enjoy!


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