Creating festive cocktails with Echo Falls

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When it comes to Christmas and New Year, booze is all around us.

As I sometimes get bored drinking the same thing, I wanted to experiment this year and make some cool cocktails with Echo Falls’ new Fruit Fusions range.  With some pre-created cocktail recipes from the brand delivered with my bottles, I also got the chance to create some of my own drinks that embrace my taste buds and of course, the Christmas and New Year period!

To start me off, I first tried out the Chocolate Orange snowflake flavour with Echo Falls’ Cocoa & Orange.  Adding banana, coffee, sugar, ice cube and orange juice this was a really great cocktail that was tangy and refreshing.

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As I love something fruity, I really wanted to create the Partridge in a passion fruit tree cocktail with Echo Fall’s Passion fruit and peach. Accompanied with Syrup, lemon juice and pineapple juice, this little concoction was sweet and was so appealing with a passion fruit slice floating on top.

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If you fancy something minty, the Mistletoe Mojito is a great option for you. With Echo Fall’s Strawberry and lime fruit fusion drink, all you need are some mint leaves, lime juice, Sugar and crushed ice to create this great drink for the festive period.

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Cranberry is a great ingredient to create a cocktail with and Echo’s Cranberry Par-tea is a really creative mix. Using cold earl grey tea, ice, syrup, lemon juice and Echo Fall’s Orange & Cranberry, this cocktail is great for a party and is perfect to enjoy round the table with your Christmas dinner.

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Now as I got to try two of my own cocktails, I really wanted to do something really fun and unusual!

The first cocktail I created is called Whipped Strawberry. Using Echo Fall’s Strawberry and Lime Fruit Fusion, I blended ice cream and strawberries to create a cooling sweet drink. Served in a tumbler glass I then topped with whip cream and added some yummy mini marshmallows. I wasn’t sure how this drink would turn out but it actually looked and tasted amazing! It was just sweet enough with the whip cream on top and it was a great reminder of Christmas time when I was a wee nipper.

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The last drink I created was very unusual.  Starting with Cocoa and Orange, I heated the drink for 40 seconds and blended with nearly hot vanilla tea.  As I love milk foam when I have coffee, I decided to use some to top off my drink and sprinkle some cinnamon to give it a flavour twist. Gary likes warm drinks like mulled wine so he thought this cocktail was pretty good considering I had just created it that day. I named this Toasty Cinnamon.

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So what do you think?

Have you tried making any cocktails recently?

It was tons of fun to do this so I think I will definitely make some of these for New Year’s Eve for my friends to enjoy!!


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  1. Annie Reed says:

    Nice concoctions there although wine and whipped cream and icecream who’d of thought?!??! Was it tasty? I love these wines xx

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