Fendi Glasses event A/W 2012

Fendi and glasses lovers, all took a trip down to the 20/20 opticians down Tottenham Court road for a very special event. As many Fashionista’s need glasses, Fendi invited them down to the opticians to try on some of their new frames, select a pair, have a eye test and have their glasses all made up and prepared for free!!
As you can imagine, some glasses can be very expensive so this was a great way to promote a brand and get some fashion peeps in up-to-date styles from Fendi.
As a whole, the collection had more of a classic feel with inspirations from the 1950’s men’s and women’s frames. I think the two colour ways that some of the options came in, really gave the glasses a interesting twist and made them more modern for today’s Lady.
I will do an outfit post featuring my stunning new glasses soon so stay tuned to see just how fabulous my new Fendi’s are!
All images by Bunnipunch

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  1. Leroy says:

    Love it !!!! x

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