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Cambridge Satchel has always a brand that I have loved. When Julie launched her company and was gifting bloggers before the blogger boom, I was sent a lush green leather satchel with Bunnipunch embossed in gold on the front. It was one of the first leather pieces I was ever gifted as a blogger and I still love it to this day.   


 As I have always been a fan, it was great to collaborate with the brand again recently and promote the new spring collection and the check out the cool embossing service they have in-store. Now as you can imagine, finding a bag that I wanted personalised was a nightmare because I want every bag CS have in-store! From backpacks to satchel, shoulder bags to accessories, the brand has so much to choose from but after trying on many bags and falling in love with the new Vivienne Westwood collaboration, I settled on this cute, black, camera style satchel.

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Now as I’m not averse to colour (I am every colour there is), I think some people were a little shocked that I didn’t pick something a little more brighter and more me.  But as I have too much print and colour in my wardrobe, it was a nice change to go for a black bag and add a little colour with some embossing instead.  


Once I knew what bag I wanted, the personalisation could begin! CS do some really cute embossing symbols including Peanut from Charlie Brown, letters for initials or wording, Rams and Monkeys for the Chinese New Year and even cute hearts. I straightaway wanted my initials but I also picked a heart to add a real cute, girlie injection.

Now on to the embossing!

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I couldn’t believe how quick this process was.  It was over and done in about 10 minutes and I loved how great my bag looked afterwards! I also had a look at some of the favourite personalisation that the staff had kept and there was some classics and really ideas that customers had wanted.

Here’s some close up’s of my finished bag…

img_8396.jpg img_8377.jpg img_8366.jpg

I would definitely suggest everyone get a personalised embossing when they buy a bag from Cambridge Satchel. With this great service available in-store, it’s easy to experience this great service and it’s even better when you are buying a bag as a gift for a loved one!

Check out CS website for more details!



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