Getting PARTY ready with Soda Says

It is officially party season and with present shopping and food ordering, it is easy to forget basic things like checking your party dress/outfit is ready.  Thankfully those clever people at Soda Says have got your back!

Ironing can be such a drag around the holiday season so why not try out Soda Says’ cool Cirrus Steamer. Available in an easy portable hand-held, it is a great item to steam your party dress and it irons out creases in super quick time!

Bobbly clothing is a real nightmare. It makes your clothes look old before their time but Soda Says has created the Pilo Fabric Shaver which will help you tons! By gently running over the bobbles, the shaver will cut off them and any pulls, leaving your clothes looking fresh and like new again!

Buy these and other great items from Soda Says here.


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